Hamnet node DB0DAH

The Hamnet is an IP based network which consists of nodes interconnected via RF links. The core elements of the nodes are wireless routers, which are capable of operating on the ham radio frequency bands.

It uses some IP addresses from the subnet, which was assigned to ham radio in the early days of the internet. Each node (and possibly attached users and services) makes up its own AS and forms an AS confederation with nodes in the same region. Mainly BGP is used as routing protocol between the nodes. You can rewiev the network structure at hamnetdb.net, which also shows a map with all the nodes and links on it.

Some of the nodes also have an access point for users to take part in the services the Hamnet provides. There are Websites, Chatrooms, VoIP and Mail Servers, Video broadcasting (Hamnet ATV) remotely controlled radio stations and many more things.


Leaflet | © OpenStreetMap contributors, CC-BY-SA

I’m maintaining a Hamnet node near Munich with the radio callsign DB0DAH. It is connected via three links to Vierkirchen, Augsburg and Puchheim.

There is also a network diagram of the station available which shows all routers and their configuration.

We have some frequent users there and also a website with some information about the node.

One of our services includes a webcam. The picture here is updated every minute:

Hamnet Webcam at DB0DAH

And as always, I like adding graphs to show what is going on there:

Network traffic:

Traffic on the user AP

Traffic on the user AP (rx – green,tx – blue)

Traffic to Augsburg

Traffic to Augsburg (rx – green, tx – blue)

Traffic to Munich

Traffic to Vierkirchen (rx – green, tx – blue)

Traffic to Puchheim

Traffic to Puchheim (rx – green, tx – blue)

There are also three sensors connected to an Arduino measuring some weather data.

Weather data from DB0DAH

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